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Visit Historic Chestertown, one of America's best preserved historic seaports, for Sultana Education Foundation's Downrigging Weekend Festival. Today, Sultana is a school ship, carrying thousands of children and other passengers on educational trips throughout the year. 

Chestertown's Downrigging Weekend is one of the largest annual Tall Ship and wooden boat festivals on the East Coast. Enjoy performances by world-class musicians; lectures by nationally recognized authors and filmmakers. Go sailing as part of a fleet of historic ships", representing over 400 years of maritime history. For a Schedule of Events and more info visit Chestertown Downrigging Festival

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All Hands Below Deck...This Friday, September 14th there is a Schooner Sultana Two Hour Public Sail.  This week is a Music Sail with Chris Cerino. Passengers are able to explore the authrentically reproduced crew's quarters, to help raise the sails and steer the Sultana.  There are more sails throughout the Fall.   Sultana Info

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